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    Saving Money on School Supplies

    We're all heading back to school – even if it is virtual and the need for supplies won't be changing. Buying binders, notebooks, pens, and other supplies always adds up but there are ways for Monterey Bay area parents to save money. Read more

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    Father's Day: Stay open to new adventure

    The rituals of summer have changed. We have had to create new rituals to signal the changing of activities and preparation for what comes next. Read more

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    Stress Busting for Kids

    With the Coronavirus dominating our lives, many kids are feeling emotional effects of the uncertainty. How can we help our kids get through these stressful times so they can learn to calm themselves down? Read more

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    PANDEMIC PARENTING: Homeschooling for Beginners

    Whether you go with your public school’s distance-learning option, a home-based charter, or decide to file a PSA, you may want to socialize, co-teach, or even go in on a private tutor with a small group of like-minded families. Read more

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    Back to School Health Reminders

    Even though school won’t start in a classroom due to the Coronavirus, I want to make sure my daughter is healthy and ready for school. I turned to the medical experts to learn more about immunizations and check-ups. Read more

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    Managing Your Kids’ Breaks During Virtual School

    Movement breaks also help address childhood obesity and the many other health concerns about children not getting enough physical activity since play time has been dramatically reduced for reasons like increased technology use. Read more

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    RV 101: Planning a Family RV Vacation

    With COVID-19 concerns on everyone’s minds, travel restrictions to other countries, and the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring, it’s hard to plan a weekend getaway, let alone a family vacation. Read more

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    Our Favorite Monterey and Santa Cruz Picnic Spots

    One of the joys of summer is an afternoon spent lounging on a blanket in the sun while the kids play along the water or grass. Here are our favorite Monterey and Santa Cruz picnic spots. Read more

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    7 Tips for a Winning Cover Kids Entry

    If you’re planning on entering your child in this year’s contest, here are seven tips that will help you choose the best photo to enter. Best of luck to all entrants! Read more

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    New Badges for Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast

    Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast now offer 24 new badges designed to help girls practice ambitious leadership in the crucial areas of automotive engineering, STEM career exploration, entrepreneurship, and civics. Read more

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    Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Town Hall

    Parents in the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District can learn more about what the district has planned for the coming school year by attending a virtual town hall. Read more

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    Free COVID-19 testing coming to Castroville 7/15

    Monterey County Health Department invites North County residents to get tested for COVID-19 in Castroville starting on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.  The pop-up test site will be located at the Monterey County Free Library. Read more

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    Monterey County Added to Watch List

    Yesterday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that six additional counties, including Monterey County, will be subject to new restrictions as part of statewide actions to slow the spread of coronavirus. Read more

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    Time to Jump In: Water Safety Tips for Parents

    For many children who live on the Monterey Bay, beach time doesn’t usually include swim time and pool time may be limited. Whether your family’s water time will be at a pool or by the beach, consider the following suggestions for water safety. Read more

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    Say “Yes” to the Mess” with Six Outdoor Activities

    To help your kids create some messy memories, consider one of these outdoor activities that only require hosing off and changing clothes when it’s time to clean up. Read more

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    Camping 101 for Families

    Camping is the ultimate in outdoor family fun and is loaded with benefits for parents and kids alike. It provides adventure and unlimited opportunities to experience the great outdoors. Here are the basics to get you started. Read more

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    Your Kid’s Beach Questions Answered

    My curious children combined with multiple hours by the ocean has led to many inquiries about their surroundings. Besides helping you appear smart to your children, you can also use this list to create a trivia game. Read more

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    ALL-IN Monterey: Making It Easy for Families to Give and Receive

    Founded and operated entirely by volunteers as a response to the Covid-19 crisis, ALL-IN has grown with dizzying speed, serving over 16 organizations and thousands of individuals weekly. Read more

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    How to Talk to your Children about Injustice

    Most of you reading this would never suggest to your children that they should dislike or be afraid of anyone who does not look like them. Most of us would deny that we have any prejudices at all, and thus would never pass them on to our children. Read more

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    Put Something on the Line

    We will never achieve a more fair, just, and equitable society unless you’re willing to become a co-conspirator. Read more

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    Take It Outside: Summer Fun in the Time of Coronavirus

    Summer plans may have changed but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of fun to be had . . . in the great outdoors! Read more

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    Racial Bias: Starting the Conversation With Our Kids

    Research has found that children can start showing racial bias as young as the age of four and that the best thing to do is to be open when discussing race. When questions arise, they should be addressed directly. Read more

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    A Monterey Peninsula Activist: "Why I March"

    It’s 2020, and in the midst of COVID-19, instead of figuring out how we will rebuild our economy after an extended nationwide quarantine, we find ourselves using our newfound free time to fight systemic racism. We march because it is up to us. Read more

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    Salinas Library Reopens with Curbside Services

    The Salinas Public Library has begun offering limited Curbside Pickup and material return services, effective June 22nd. Read more

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    Monterey Bay Aquarium to reopen for visitors July 13

    Monterey Bay Aquarium will reopen in mid-July, ending an unprecedented four-month closure. Beginning July 9, the Aquarium will welcome back members and donors and will give these supporters four days to visit before opening to the public on July 13. Read more

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    Ten Creative Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Father’s Day is just around the corner; so don’t be caught scrambling for the perfect way to show you care. Try some of these ideas, and make it a special day just for Dad that both of you will enjoy. Read more

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    Seven Ways to Grow Resilience

    What protects us from believing the world is a dangerous place to live when hard times strike? Resilience. As our teens transition to adulthood, you can help them gain the skills they’ll need to flourish as adults. Read more

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    Books for Grads

    It’s what every graduate needs as they leave high school behind and head to college, the military, vocational school or their first adult job: another book. We’re serious! Here are a handful of gift ideas for the high school grad in your life. Read more

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    Meet the Step-Parents and Step-Grandparents

    The so-called “traditional” family is no longer as typical as it once was. Mom and dad, two moms, two dads, grandparents raising their children’s children, a mix of parents and stepparents, are all common and valid and beautiful families. Read more

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    I joined the BLM protest at Colton Hall

    I participated in a peaceful protest for the BLM movement today. If that upsets you, I hope you listen to what I have to say. Read more