New Year's

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    Ten Ways to Stress Less This Holiday Season

    Most Americans have elevated stress levels during the holiday season. Instead of being full of good tidings and cheer, families often feel drained of time, energy and peace. Here are ten tips to help ease the stress. Read more

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    Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule

    It's Christmas movie time on the Hallmark channel. Christmas movies, old and new, will continue for 24 hours every day through the end of the year. Set your DVR now for your favorites. Read more


Mother's Day

Father's Day

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    Talking to Children About Death

    Experts recommend answering children’s questions about death directly and age-appropriately. They say to avoid euphemisms like “passed away” or, in the case of a pet, “put to sleep” for young children because those expressions confuse them. Read more

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    Father's Day: A Father’s Role in Protecting His Family

    As a dad, I feel that my role is “protector” by keeping my kid safe in all ways. At the same time, I don’t want to give in to my fears and make my daughter think and feel that where we live and where we go are not safe places. Read more

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    Father's Day: Rituals and Mindsets for Back to School

    Now is the time to start preparing children for the mental shift to return to school. With my kid, I have been talking up what will happen once school starts–how the start time is earlier than her current summer camp, for instance. Read more

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    Ten things to do with longer summer days

    Here on the Central Coast, the temperatures don’t always reflect the seasons, but having the sun up in the morning and the daylight on the way home leaves me with a smile. Here are some ideas on what to do with the longer days. Read more

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    Outside the Box Father's Day Gifts

    It’s that time of year–the time to celebrate dads and all the wonderful things they do for us. So instead of the usual tie or coffee mug let’s think outside of the box for a fun and unique gift he will enjoy. Read more

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